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Nose protector

14,00 GBP

THE 7 SUMMITS nose shield protects your nose from harmful atmospheric factors such as sun, frost or wind during all outdoor activities. Its versatility makes it can be used all year round.

  • Material:
  • 100% nylon (Velcro fastener)
  • 100% PE/EVA foam (outer cover)
  • 100% polyester (insert)







14,00 GBP

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  • Material:
  • 100% nylon (Velcro fastener)
  • 100% PE/EVA foam (outer cover)
  • 100% polyester (insert)

THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector is suitable for individuals spending a lot of time in the mountains, on water, in equatorial regions or on snow. Increased sun exposure is a property of all of those environments. The protector will also be suitable when out and about, hiking, cycling, gardening or any other outdoor activity where there is a high risk of exposure to the sun or cold and the nose might need protection. It will become your best friend during winter activities where UV rays are reflected by the snow cover and also when sailing, with water and sails reflecting the sun.

THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector prevents adverse changes caused by solar radiation, by providing year-round, very extensive protection for very sensitive skin. The shield protects from irritations and burns caused by exposure to the sun. It makes a screen reducing flow of a wide spectrum of harmful sunlight going deep into the skin – including UVA and UVB radiation. Effectiveness of protection level from the UV radiation has been evidenced by an independent laboratory, which issued the highest possible barrier factor certificate UPF 50+.

In cold climates the extra insulation afforded by THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector might reduce the risk of a frostbitten nose. It is especially acute in winter and during trips to cold places. The nose, together with the ears, fingers and toes, cheeks and the chin are amongst those body parts most prone to frostbite.

THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector is a reusable product intended to be used along with glasses. It is available in one universal size and it fits most types of glasses. To install the protector, wrap the built-in strap around the bridge of the glasses and secure it by means of a Velcro fastener. The range of the nose coverage is regulated by the way the Velcro is fastened.

THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector is available in black, white, red and gray.

Do you know that…
▲Every 1000 meters upwards, the UV intensity goes up by 15%. That’s why we get a higher dose of UVA and UVB radiation in mountains compared to the dose at a sea.
▲The phenomenon of sunlight reflection multiplies actual exposure to the UV radiation. Snow and ice reflect 85% of the sun’s rays, while water reflects just 20%.

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