THE 7 SUMMITS is an outdoor brand for active people who want to stay in touch with the nature, to prove themselves in difficult conditions and who like ambitious goals. Above all, all of them follow their own dreams. Our passions are mountains, sports, traveling, running and outdoor recreation. We decided to combine this passion and our job.
In THE 7 SUMMITS we create products characterized by uncompromising quality. We are inspired by our own expeditions to the highest mountains in the world. Just like you, we love outdoor and challenges. We push the limits of innovation and technology to enable you pushing the limits of exploration
THE 7 SUMMITS mirrors the highest peaks of seven continents. They are: Kilimanjaro (Africa), Aconcagua (South America), Elbrus (Europe), Denali (North America), Pyramid Carstensz (Australia and Oceania), Vinson (Antarctica) and Everest (Asia).


Ryszard Pawłowski

Ryszard Pawłowski

Himalayan mountaineer, Alpine climbing instructor and mountain guide. Participant and organizer of over 300 expeditions to the high mountains. He climbed 10 out of 14 over 8,000 m high mountains.

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Monika Witkowska

Monika Witkowska

A keen traveler, lover of mountains and sailing. A journalist by her profession. She has visited over 180 countries in the world. She climbed highest mountains of all continents and 3 over 8,000 m high mountains.

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