THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector – effective protection against the sun, wind and frost


THE 7 SUMMITS introduces a specialized solution to the European market to protect the nose against harmful weather conditions, such as the sun, frost and wind. It will benefit both professionals and enthusiasts of all outdoor activities.


How does it work?

THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector is a solution that enables effective protection against harmful weather conditions such as sun, frost and wind. It is dedicated primarily to people on mountain expeditions, spending a lot of time by the water or on the snow. This product will also work during hiking, cycling, gardening and any other outdoor activity during which the nose is exposed to the sun, cold or wind. The possibilities of versatile use mean that this product can be used throughout the year.

The nose protector mainly prevents adverse changes caused by the solar radiation on the skin. It creates a screen that reduces the flow of a wide spectrum of harmful rays reaching the skin – including UVA and UVB radiation. Therefore, it effectively prevents sunburn and irritation caused by sun exposure. The effectiveness of UV protection has been confirmed by an independent laboratory by giving the highest possible UV protection factor for clothing – UPF 50+.

In addition, the protection provided by THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector in cold climates reduces the risk of frostbite. It occurs mainly in winter, and its caused by low temperature and wind. The nose, like the ears, fingers, cheeks or chin, belongs to the parts of the body that are most prone to frostbite.


How to use?

THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector is a reusable product. It is available in a universal size and fits most types of glasses. The attachment is very simple – just wrap the built-in strap around the eyepiece bridge and secure it with the velcro fastener. The coverage of the nose is regulated by the velcro fastener.


Available colors and price

THE 7 SUMMITS nose protector is available in black, white, red and gray. The suggested price for the cover, regardless of its color, is 8.99 GBP.


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